So you got and iPad for Christmas?

So you got and iPad for Christmas?

With all the talk about the iPad and now all the competitors coming out with their own version of a digital tablet, what does the print media have to offer? I have to admit that the iPad and all the other gadgets coming out really do open up a new way and in many respects a better way to deliver some material. Like a magazine for example, you can deliver it digitally along with live links to the advertisers websites and even blogs concerning the same subject. This will and has really been a plus for the industry but to say that the iPad and its cohorts will take over and even kill the print industry is absurd. I would like to think that the digital media and print will work well together in fact help support one another. There are very few time when I do get a printed piece that does not directs me to more information on their website, twitter or Facebook pages. What I think is funny is to walk into a tiny restaurant and see "Follow Us on Twitter!" Even though that sign was not a highly produced piece it still was printed and used to communicate something. What I love is when you see a commercial and it states "See our ad in such and such magazine" which in point helps my point. A highly thought out designed printed piece can be very useful along side your website in help promoting a special event or a product. If you are a service based company developing a brochure or one sheet to hand out to your customers with bullet points of your services offered can really help drive business to your website where you can then be a little more lengthy in your description. What I love when I design a business card these days is that I can fill it up with design not description. Which brings me to a revelation of sorts…the more digital we become the more we print designers can use the space more efficiently. I can now say a lot with just a "www". Use both to help your business because in a sense they both help each other.

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