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  • New Launch

    Another launch of a incredible responsive website. Jeremy and Bailey Minihan own Size and Shape Fitness in OKC. They wanted a site that their clients could access and use as a resource in their training. The site needed to be clean and easy to navigate because the amount of resources they offer. Our CMS solution gives them the flexibility to update and continue to offer the great resources for both the desktop and mobile clients. After meeting and working with Jeremy and Bailey I could tell they were very driven and dedicated to the type of work they do. It also shows in the results they get from each of their clients. 

    Check out the new site:

  • Do Not Disturb

    I will admit I am a Apple® geek at times. I get kinda excited about the new IOS and the new iPhone 5™. I will not go into all the reasons and I will not be a super non paid endorser of the product - you have enough of that! What I will talk about is one little tiny new feature they just added to the IOS - "Do Not Disturb". I absolutely love this little addition. 

    The "Do Not Disturb" feature has really captured my attention in many ways. I has made me think about my phone and what and where I use it especially during the evening hours. I used to just turn my phone to "Airplane Mode" and go to bed. That would mean that if anyone would call they would get my voice mail. That would mean that if there was an emergency with a close friend or family and they tried to call I would not pick up and not able to help if I could. The "Do Not Disturb" feature lets you pick contacts off your list to allow through and you can even set it to activate and deactivate at certain times of the day. 

    One thing other than turning it on at night I have also started picking parts of the day to turn it on. Again the obvious feature is that it does not allow phone calls to come through except for who you designate but it also does not notify you of emails and or text from those outside groups. 

    I find myself picking up my phone for no reason at all just to check email or text. What a waste of time I think most every time I do that. Putting my phone on "Do Not Disturb" and setting it on my desk has really allowed me to focus on my task during the day or hour that I choose more effectively. 

    Please "Do Not Disturb"

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